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​1000S of untapped, TOP-SELLING products with insane profit margins

1000S of untapped, TOP-SELLING products with insane profit margins

STOP Wasting money

on products that don’t sell


​create a 6 figure income simply by ‘buying low & selling high’

create a 6 figure income simply by ‘buying low & selling high’

100% beginner friendly..

NO learning curve, NO guessing and NO BS


from EVERY​ campaign, post and update.

PROVEN Software

​& system backed by stacks of proof from marketers of all levels

& system backed by stacks of proof from marketers of all levels

Over 1607 Smart Marketers Are
Profiting With TrendyCom …

Join Them For Results Like THESE:

How We Banked $152K In 3 Months

From A SINGLE Product

The Above Sales AND Profits Came

SIMPLY By Pressing a Few Buttons…

Just 3 Steps To Profit!

Uncover ​HIGHLY Profitable
Products E​VERY TIME

​The software finds you top-selling, high margin products most competitors don’t even know exist.

The software finds you top-selling, high margin products most competitors don’t even know exist

Maximize your ROI

​Effortlessly make “Warren Buffet” style profits with the proven formula of buying low & selling high.

Effortlessly make “Warren Buffet” style profits with the proven formula of buying low & selling high

Rinse & Repeat For Massive Daily Profits

​REAL TIME updates show you VIRAL trends & what buyers are looking for right now.

REAL TIME updates show you VIRAL trends & what buyers are looking for right now

Use Coupon Code "trendycom5off" To Get $5 Off (Expiring Soon!)


Hey it’s Devid Farah here.

Unlike many marketers, I’ve focused on one thing and one thing only for over 5 years - SALES.

Specifically - how to uncover QUALITY products that buyers want RIGHT NOW …
That practically SELL THEMSELVES - whether I post them on an online store,
blog or social media page ... AND deliver massive profit margins to my business.

In that time I’ve developed multiple tools to ‘shortcut’ the process of finding highly profitable products in ANY niche … And shown thousands of students how to do the same.

The #1 goal for MOST of my students?

How to make 6 figure online profits for the least possible time & effort.

Thanks to an incredible development team & constant testing, we’ve created multiple top-selling softwares that CONTINUE to drive profits for marketers of all backgrounds.

But until recently, I struggled to make ANY consistent money online.

Like so many beginners, I spent WAY TOO MUCH time trying to do everything myself …

Got overwhelmed by all the info & so-called ‘systems’ online

Followed the advice of experts and went into massive debt buying into the ‘latest promise’

After years of studying what earning marketers and businesses do to MAXIMIZE PROFIT, I discovered one absolute truth:

Success online comes down to one thing...

The Products You Are Selling!

Doesn’t matter if you have a flashy eStore

Doesn’t matter if you’re promoting products on a blog, social page or personal website

Doesn’t matter what theme you use

Doesn’t even matter if you’re BRAND NEW​

The thing is… If you don’t offer winning products in hot & trending niches…

You’ll ALWAYS struggle to make sales & profits!

The Math Is Simple..

Find Untapped, High-Profit
Products That Sell... Make Money

As simple as it sounds, most people that try marketing online go broke... on average 95 out of 100 new marketers don’t make a dime… WHY?

Following the advice of sketchy ‘gurus’

that are selling systems they don’t use themselves

Chasing OUTDATED methods

that no longer work

Trying to do everything MANUALLY

which takes so much time you’d be better off with a J.O.B.


trying to build fancy online stores

Throwing HARD-EARNED cash

into ads for products that don’t convert

Researching the competition & platforms with NO IDEA

of what products drive the highest profits

Finding Top Selling Products

that's a fit for our lists

That Put Profits Into YOUR Pocket Is NOT Easy

Manual research or hiring others takes time & money that eat DIRECTLY into your profits.

And come with NO guarantees you’ll ever find the best products to sell.

You could spend DAYS researching sites & spying on competitors to ‘hope’ to find winning products … and come up empty

You could blow thousands on FB ads & split-tests ... might work IF you have money to burn

Product research alone won’t show you the latest & upcoming BUYER trends - essential for maximizing profits

we'll hit it HARD!

Here’s Where Most

Marketers Get It ALL WRONG

They head to AliExpress & other platforms & grab the 1st products they see - HARDLY a formula to maximize profits

They check out the competition to see what other people are selling - with no idea of profit margins

They study global trends … but STILL don’t know what products to offer to make profits

Online Profits DON’T Come By Trying To Do It All Yourself

Without automation & tools, you’ll find yourself buried in research … instead of actually making sales.

But because SO MANY people are told they have to do it themselves …

Over 98% Of Marketers


Don’t make sales …And SPEND money instead of making it!

If your products aren’t selling … it’s probably NOT your fault.

The people to blame are the unethical ‘dream sellers’ that offer you software & ‘systems’ promising to make you a millionaire ...

But instead of delivering, you get buggy software & outdated methods … Often delivered by shady vendors that have never had success in online sales themselves.

What really separates successful marketers like us from the 95% that fail.. is the products we sell!

If you want to be part of the top earning 5%...

You Need To Find

WINNING Products
That Make YOU Money!

But that’s the problem...

Finding these top-trending products ain’t easy. On top of the time it takes to research & test the product, sales page & ads … you’ll need a LOT of luck before finding a winner.

Imagine This Instead…

An A.I.-Based Platform

That Reveals THOUSANDS Of Top-Selling,

You Can List ANYWHERE - And Start Banking

A platform that’s CONTINUOUSLY updated with the latest buyer trends AND top-selling products in any niche.

Products you can sell for INSANE profit margins anywhere you like:

Your blogs

Your social media pages / groups

Your personal websites

Your eCom stores

​Where all you do is login to find WINNING PRODUCTS for guaranteed profits, WITHOUT any time manually researching, guessing, or split-testing ads

THAT’S A Blueprint For

PRINTING Online Profits!


TrendyCom is a


It LEVELS the field for online marketers of ANY background!

No more tedious product research

ZERO experience needed - we’ll practically do this FOR you

No more testing

No more guessing

No more failing

TrendyCom HAND DELIVERS You Top Selling Products
24/7 For PREDICTABLE Daily Profits


The Profit Power Of TrendyCom In Action

VERIFIED Proof Of ‘Unknown’ Products

We’re Selling With The Power Of TrendyCom

9h Ceramic Car Coat

Cost: $2,75
Resold at: $19,99
Units Sold: 326

Transparent Umbrella Jacket

Cost: $3,99
Resold at: $20
Units Sold: 464

Pineapple Slicer

Cost: $1.92
Resold at: $14.99
Units Sold: 581

Portable Coffee Maker

Cost: $15
Resold at: $79
Units Sold: 611

$72,774.91 In PROFITS From Just 4 Products …
And TrendyCom Spits Out Winning Products Like These For You 24/7 !

These products started selling within 5 MINUTES of listing … now YOU TOO can

easily find HOT SELLERS for $1,000, $2,000 and even higher paydays!

All-In-One Profit Solution
Does What NO OTHER Tool Can!

Uncover VIRAL Buyer Trends
On MULTIPLE Platforms

UNFAIR online profits happen when you stay ahead of the latest trends.

TrendyCom hand-delivers you the latest trends, including relevant buyer keywords, so you’ll ALWAYS be able to source the most profitable products.

Here’s how..

Winning Products

Powerful A.I. based software hands pick the new HOT products for you, every day! These are ‘under the radar’ products no one knows about!

Stop wasting time and money on BAD products!

Hot Product Spy

Discover hot ‘under-the-radar’ products before they go viral!
Imagine for one second, being the first one to sell portable coffee makers!

Product Intelligence Technology™

Aside from showing you hidden, profitable products that other tools are missing, this ground-breaking software offers you the ones that can generate the mostmoney for you

Buzzfeed Spy

CRUSH your competition by staying on top of viral trends delivered by one of the world’s most popular news & media sites.

See at-a-glance what BUYERS are searching for so you can laser-target campaigns for the highest possible profits

Trend Hunter Spy

Maximize Profits In The SHORTEST Time - unlock the hottest niches & most profitable products with this tool that SPIES on the world’s top sites for the latest trends.

No more guessing or expensive testing … this is YOUR shortcut to featuring top-selling products

YouTube Profits Spy

Tap The World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine For UNFAIR Profits - enter a niche or keyword into TrendyCom to INSTANTLY see related, trending YouTube videos.

Perfect for cherry-picking BUYER keywords & triggers for ongoing profitable campaigns

Daily Trending Products

TrendyCom is updated daily only with the hottest products that have incredible profit margins and are proven to convert!

Reverse Engineering

TrendyCom shows you exactly what’s already converting, so you can spy on any competitor's products to improve the strategy of your own campaigns!

Point & Click Simple

Zero skills needed to exploit the latest viral trends and top-sellers in ANY niche!

Proven Results

Just ONE product TrendyCom found made us $152K in under 3 months

Constant Updates

As always with any of our products, we update TrendyCom every week! Many new amazing features are currently getting added to the platform

24/7 Support

We have a set of exclusive tutorials and tips on how to use TrendyCom to its full potential. We have 24/7 top notch support, if you have any questions just send us an email and we’ll be back to you shortly!

Spend LESS

To Make MORE

TrendyCom’s artificial intelligence engine spies on your competitors to find their top-sellers.

Advanced Product Intelligence technology™ shows you what products are converting best …

So you can reverse engineer ANY competitor’s ads to MAXIMIZE your ROI …
putting higher profits in YOUR pocket every time!
Result? Spend LESS on trafic while making MORE from EVERY product you list!

Predictable Profits

Thanks To Science

Never-before-seen advanced A.I. gives you INSIDER access to viral buyer trends
and UNLIMITED top-selling products in virtually any niche.

Think about it …

ALWAYS source HIGHLY profitable products buyers are ACTIVELY searching for ...
and run cash pumping campaigns every single day

This Truly Is Point, Click & Profit Simple!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

Customers LOVE TrendyCom

The Most Profitable eCom Spy Tool EVER Created!

As you can see, our students are blown away by TrendyCom, and I’m 100% sure that you will be too

It’s OK if you’re skeptical.

Just like you, I’ve invested in software making big claims that didn’t deliver - and when you don’t get what you pay for, it’s frustrating. I get it.

So today my ONLY goal is to help by introducing you to a PROVEN software
that I’ve personally been using daily for immense profit.

Why should I share this? Because there are MORE than enough online profits available for ANYONE that wants a piece … the pie is so big it literally can’t be saturated.

Time For A

VERY Special Offer

An automated system that can generate you MASSIVE sales while saving boatloads of time & effort is worth thousands.

This breakthrough software has NEVER been publicly released before … It’s ONLY been shared to beta testers & select internal customers to confirm just how well it works.

EVERYONE that’s been using TrendyCom is making money.

So instead of slapping some overinflated ‘make-believe’ price on it, let’s get real:

You’ll get complete access for a ridiculously low one-time price on THIS PAGE ONLY.

A price so low that you’ll make it back 100X over just by running the software a few times.

No recurring costs, no tricks, hidden fees or surprises.

The public price after this launch WILL BE $197. Your cost is a FRACTION of that today.

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That’s Not All…

To Make This An Even Easier Decision, Here Are ...

Exclusive Launch Week


(You Have To Act Now To Claim These Powerful Bonuses)

​Available for first 24 hours ONLY!

Available for first 24 hours ONLY!

eCommerce shopping cart plugin (first 24 hours ONLY!)

Ecommerce WD is a highly-functional, user friendly WP plugin, which is perfect for developing online stores for any level of complexity.

It includes advanced filtering, sorting and comparing functionality which makes user experience in the store straightforward and smooth. The advanced search in addition gives possibility to find any needed product in seconds.

It creates different shipping methods, tax types, labels for products, small image overlays. You can define different parameters for products, assign values for each product and change prices depending on parameter value.

You can display the products in 5 different stunning views. Lots of pre-built templates for all the pages!

This is an advanced web application to scrape emails from Facebook (public data) Groups /Pages and Profiles and save in database.

Collects Targeted Audiences From FB Groups, Pages to run FB Ads. You can also export to file or excel for marketing purposes.

You can also subscribe to it as a service to collect as many emails as possible for marketing purposes

This amazing software allows you to measure every transaction on your website, how much revenue is generated, and assess what aspects of your marketing are the most successful.

It sends transaction and item data from your site to Google Analytics. Just enter your Google Analytics tracking ID and it will start working.

It integrates with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. It will automatically detect which ecommerce plugin you’re using.

Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals!

A powerful woocommerce 'web to print' plugin which helps your customers design or customize logos, shirts, business cards and any prints, custom signs, custom lettering, boat lettering, vinyl decals and many others in your woocommerce shop before the order.

You can use this extension as a:

> Woocommerce t-shirt designer
> Mug custom editor for WordPress
> Woocommerce Phone case customizer
> WordPress Stickers, canvas or decals designer
> Online business cards, postcards and other print products customizer for WordPress
custom lettering tool for woocommerce
…and much more!

Instagram Tool For Marketing!

The ultimate system to market effectively on instagram right from your desktop!

Getting your Instagram profile out there for everyone to see is a HARD and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Instagram is a time-consuming everyday activity!

InstaMarketer will automate your daily activity and get you the crowd for your products you deserve and desire!

GearBest Affiliate Post Importing Money Generator Plugin for WordPress!

Gearomatic is a breaking edge referral affiliate autoblogging plugin that uses the GearBest Market API to turn your website into a money making machine!

You can automatically generate post with your referral links based on a set of predefined rules.
These rules can generate posts from:

> import vouchers to WordPress posts
> import promotional products to WordPress posts
> import hot deals to WordPress posts
> import hot products to WordPress posts
> ..and so much more!!

Affiliate Egg plugin, works with many shops!

- No need for program approving, no need for API, you can use plugin immediately after installation
- Separate product parsing and multi product parsing of categories, search results, deal pages
- Autoblog feature. Insert link on shop category and plugin will take new products from category and post on your site as separate posts Several output blocks (grid, list, product card, etc)
Price update
- More than 100 supported best local shops and we add more and more each month
- Custom cookies to get correct currency from multi currency shops
- Deeplinks and SubIds
- Proxy support
- Parsing search pages (for example, you can create set of products with definite price range, conditions, sorted by popularity from original shop




Normal Price $197

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Thousands of people just like you are being invited to own this ground-breaking platform ... but there’s one big catch…

It’s Only Available This Week!

After launch week is over, I’m going to raise the price to $197.

You see, I don’t want too many people on board because I devote a LOT of time to customers to help ensure their results.

I just want smart people like you getting access to the platform.

I’m a man of my word, and I ALWAYS deliver on my promises.

eCom Is A Multi TRILLION Dollar Industry

Growing At DOUBLE DIGITS Each Year

NOW is the time to tap in for life-changing profits.

Inside you have EVERYTHING you need to grab your share of this fun, exciting and HIGHLY profitable industry.

So lock in your copy now for a steep discount … because this is an opportunity
you CAN’T afford to let pass by.


You’re about to own the most advanced ‘product intelligence’ platform on the market, along with all of the immense benefits that come with it

A SIMPLE way to constantly source profitable top-selling products

No need to EVER do manual product research again, or invest in tools that don’t work

No more unreliable ‘spy tools’ that don’t give you the key profit info you need

Point & click simple - ANYONE with an internet connection can profit!

No more product testing - forget running expensive FB ads on products that don’t convert into profits

Relax knowing each product TrendyCom delivers WILL make you money

Just click the button, and I’ll see you on the inside.

Normal Price $197

Only $29.99 Today

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100% Risk FREE

Money Back Guarantee

We’re SO CONFIDENT TrendyCom WILL get you results that we’re willing to put our MONEY where our mouths are! We are offering a take action 30-day money back guarantee to YOU today just for being WILLING to simply TRY out our PROVEN platform!

TrendyCom flat out works and we guarantee your results if you use our platform
but in case you don’t get any result with it, we are offering a full refund ANYTIME within 30 days of your purchase.

We’ll take 100& of the risk of your low, one-time payment. Why? Because we understand MOST people genuinely want to succeed, and they deserve a risk-free opportunity to achieve that success.

Normal Price $197

Only $29.99 Today

Use Coupon Code "trendycom5off" To Get $5 Off (Expiring Soon!)


Thanks for visiting this page. It’s my sincere hope you reach or exceed ALL your online income goals, and I’d be flattered to help.


Remember, my ENTIRE online focus is eCom. I only share tools that I successfully use in my own business … and TrendyCom is by far the best one yet.


The 30-day guarantee means you have NOTHING to lose by trying out the system - so click the button to make risk-free profits … but do it FAST before the price skyrockets


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    What’​s TrendyCom?

A revolutionary software that instantly gives you TOP SELLING products in the HOTTEST niches you can launch in minutes with NO experience. It’s a blueprint for a 6-figure eCom business in the shortest possible time … backed by stacks of proof from marketers of all backgrounds.

  • question-circle
    Why So Cheap?

We believe everyone that truly wants a successful eCom business should enjoy this opportunity. The market is SO HUGE competition there’s no risk of saturation - but there is ONE catch …The price WILL go up soon and the product may shortly become unavailable forever - so get in now while you can!

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    Are There Any Upsells?

Yes, but these are totally optional and aren’t required for the program to work as advertised. Upsells are there to automate processes even further, save you time and increase your results.

  • question-circle
    How Long Until I See Results?

This varies by user, but most testers have seen SAME DAY results. The system makes it VERY simple to find & sell winning products within moments of logging in.

  • question-circle
    Is There A Guarantee?

Of course - we offer a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee.

  • question-circle
    How About Support?

We pride ourselves on a dedicated, 24/7 support team with prompt responses & solutions to any questions or issues you have. Support is one-click away inside your member’s area.

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